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And it's glorious. If all we wind up with is a shiny new Dead Space with some additional voice acting and other 'fresh' elements, we'll still be sinners. However, EA and Motive are promising so much more and today's new trailer titled Humanity End Here is perhaps our best look yet and just how fundamentaly different this reimagining of the OG will be.

Prepare to unravel a thrilling mystery in the darkest depths of space.

When Isaac Clarke and the USG Kellion were dispatched to repair the USG Ishimura mining vessel, they had no idea how quickly a routine mission could turn into a complete nightmare. What did the Ishimura crew discover in the darkness? What happened to them? And what does this mean for the future of mankind itself?
In addition to the new trailer, and even more content around the game in the pipeline ahead of its January 27 release date (so stay tuned), EA and Motive also updated the game's official development blog with an entry titled "Story Matters". Here's an excerpt:
Fortunately, in remaking Dead Space, the team at Motive™ had the benefit of working from a story that was already pretty great, one based in recognizable and near-universal themes. “You’re descending into Hell to save your beloved,” says Senior Game Writer Jo Berry. “That’s one of the oldest stories there is. But the Dead Space interpretation of that is also very relevant, because it talks about corporate corruption, about spirituality going awry, about division versus reconnection....”

“And it plays on fears that we all share,” says Realization Director Joel MacMillan. “The fear of the unknown, of isolation, paranoia, dehumanization—these fears are common in all cultures, communities, and generations. They’re ingrained in us at a genetic level.”

“But it’s also a really personal story,” says Lead Level Designer Catherine Stewart. “Despite the monsters and the sci-fi nature of it, you’re still very anchored in something that’s a personal journey, and that keeps it relatable.”
Click the link above for the full blog post which is a really great read for people who pour over story details, layered narrative and storytelling philosophies. And as mentioned above, also, stay tuned for more closer to launch right here on AusGamers.
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