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Pentiment - Go with God, Maler
Steve Farrelly
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Obsidian's Pentiment is now available via Game Pass, but its unique visuals and overall presentation might have some of you baulking at what you could be getting yourself into. Thankfully, having spent some time in its 16 Century Bavarian setting, we're here to spread the good word via review.

Here's a snippet:
Pentiment isn’t afraid to write to this, but it does so in a way that highlights the basic injustice of it all, while also sharing the thoughts and frustrations of its many female characters through dialogue befitting the time, writ out of time. There’s a thoughtfulness to the construction of the meat of the whole game’s narrative in this way, which is in said dialogue, on the whole, and particularly in conversation. As alluded to above, you can influence conversations within the game by saying certain things which, when aligned with some of the background choices you’ve made for Maler (character creation-lite, remember), will net you different results. And much of this is presented in a fluid way -- there’s less structure to solving the game’s mystery as the goal might read on the box, as discerning, deducing and probing take place across all forms of communication in the game, whether it’s in consult about the nature of a banned book, why a certain door is locked or when you want to get to the bottom of a bit of juicy town gossip...
Click here for our full Pentiment review.
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