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Realms Apart - God of War Ragnarök Review
Steve Farrelly
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It's been a long time coming, and while we got to tease you with an initial hands-on, we can finally lift the lid on the full God of War Ragnarök experience by way of this in-depth review. The question of whether this tops the brilliant God of War (2018) is on everyone’s lips, and it’s one we broach with gusto.

Here’s a snippet:
In fact, one of the aspects we bemoaned with God of War was in its lack of life, and while we addressed this a little in our hands-on it wouldn’t be spoilerish to reveal that you’ll come across a lot more friendlies in God of War Ragnarök, which is actually really cool, and some will give you side-quests (or Favours) to perform, but once they’re done with you they just blend back into the background, which is kind of fine given the sort of game we’re playing, but we can’t help but feel this could have been a larger part of Ragnarök being a bit more evolutionary in how it went about things. But as far as serving a larger part in helping with game-world exposition, new characters to actually interact with is still very cool.

Lore entries come in thick and fast in addition to the above and are written as a mix of Mimir and Kratos, with notes from Atreus thrown in for teen angsty measure. And it’s all very good, though not incredibly in-depth (which I’d personally have preferred). Moreover, the game’s map is almost a like-for-like from the 2018 outing, which helps highlight something you might have already seen or heard mentioned from others who’ve had early access like us, and we’ve alluded to it a bit, but Ragnarök is familiar all-round…
Click here for our full God of War Ragnarök review.
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Great review. Just finished today. Solid solid solid. The final half of the game is just close to perfection as you can get.
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i've been playing the first God of War on PC, just a great game.
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