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Ben Stiller can turn it on like the best of them, and in this two-plus minute skit for PlayStation focusing on the parenting aspect of the Kratos and Atreus story, we see him taking control of an otherwise paint-by-the-numbers setup. More importantly though, LeBron James also brings the goods, which helps the whole thing go to the comedic level it deserves. And John Travolta who is also in the skit is just... well, he's there.

What could real parents learn from the relationship between Kratos and Atreus? Whether you're a famous celebrity or a troubled god, parenting is always a work in progress. Just ask parent support group leader, Ben Stiller, as he explains to LeBron James, John Travolta and their children how the father/son dynamic in God of War Ragnarök can inspire us all to become better parents - especially when wearing the Kratos costume.
Each of the stars also have one of their kids in the skit, and they're pretty good as well. But honestly, it's all Ben Stiller who LeSteals the show.

Check it out above.

And be sure to avoid spoilers for the game which was incidentally sold early from a retailer recently, leading to Santa Monica Studios releasing a statement pleading with earlier-than-expected recipients of the game to hold off on sharing too much.

We're hard at work on our own review and will be posting that at 3AM AEDT this Friday.
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