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This is my song
Cairns, Queensland
17247 posts
2600 -> c64 -> SNES -> n64 -> PC -> Wii -> Wii U -> XBone -> Switch

Sing your song for us
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Other International
40245 posts
Pretty boring, but:

TRS-80 -> Apple II -> Apple IIc -> Apple IIe -> PC

There was some stops at consoles along the way (PS, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360) but I never played more than one game on there - GTA4 on X360 was the only game I ever even bothered to finish
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Brisbane, Queensland
41616 posts
PET -> Tandy -> microbee -> amiga -> pc -> snes -> psx -> n64 -> xbox -> wii -> ps4 -> ps5
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Brisbane, Queensland
41617 posts
zaxon on my tandy!!!!

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Cairns, Queensland
17248 posts
> TRS-80

Were they a big deal in Aus in the 80s? For some reason I associate them with America (Tandy store stuff?).

Zaxon blew my mind.

I wanted a Vectrex so bad too, those smooth lines were hypnotising.
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Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
9520 posts
Atari 2600 -> NES -> PC (286) -> SNES -> N64 -> GameCube -> PC (better, can't remember what it was running though) -> Everything else from there on out because my job

N64 is still the tits for me. It just opened up gaming in a way nothing else had at the time, led specifically by Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time.

Currently jump around between Series X and PS5 and my 3070-powered rig which I'm upgrading to a 3090 soon.

There's also some other stuff in there -- I had an Atari Lynx for a while and a Game Gear, but they chewed through batteries and I couldn't keep feeding them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18550 posts
intellivision - > Commandor 64 - > Some Tandy computer, not a trs-80, was monochrome - > PC with some side hussle of Megadrive-> PS4 and Xbox 360 <-> PC

Also, long time no post, hiyas 🙏 ✌️
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Brisbane, Queensland
11847 posts
PC -> PC -> PC -> PC -> PC

Never actually played a console in earnest, to me they are novelty factor home arcade machines. Any title worth playing is on PC and is experienced the best on PC.

I do have a retropie however, just for the amusement.
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