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How to Buy a Steam Deck in Australia (and what not to do)
Steve Farrelly
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It's annoying how left behind we are in this part of the world sometimes. Sure, Australia and New Zealand are often spruiked as test markets for numerous products and brands and services, but nobody cares about Caffeine Free Diet Vanillamon Clear Cola (that's vanilla and cinnamon) -- we just want the best tech when the rest of the world gets it. And the Steam Deck, we ain't got... yet.

But that doesn't mean you can't get one, you just have to be tricksy about it, and we've got you covered with this very real "How To" guide to owning your own Steam Deck.

Here's a snippet:
Now you relax! And by relax, I mean constantly refresh any page that updates you with details on where your shiny new object might be while your sanity slowly slips beyond your grasp.

Eventually your Steam Deck will arrive and you'll get to lord it over everyone else you know. You can login with your regular Aussie Steam Account and ignore the US one you created until the Steam Deck 2 comes out. You don't need a transformer or converter or anything to charge the thing — any 65W charger will do the job, but you can just use a US plug adaptor on the Steam Deck's included charger, as it's rated for 100 - 240W. That's what I'm doing right now...
Click here for our step by step guide on How to Buy a Steam Deck in Australia.
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This is incredible.
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Valve is sucks.
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