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Deathmatch for AoE4 - Shoutouts to Nakamura & the Meta Plays Team!
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Play The Super Speed Game Mode Now Via the Ingame Mod Browser for Age of Empires 4!

10,000 Food/Wood/Gold, 5,000 Stone, Age 1 Starts With Normal Landmark Aging (Akin to AoM's prereq building before aging), No Free Upgrades Upon Age-Up (Unlike AoM/AoEO. AoEII starts in Post IMP, AoEIII in Post Industrial), Bonus Starting Villagers.

Currently no civ/map balance changes in place for it by Nakamura (lead balance in AoM Deathmatch. First in Voobly then Meta Plays) as it's not picked up enough yet.

Also some gameplay vs poor folks running into the only 5-AoE-title DM player 8)
Rus v Delhi
English v Abbasid
Mongols v HRE
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