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Brisbane, Queensland
2123 posts
Am I the only one who thinks this?

This has completely exceeded my expectations! Gory and violent too in bits. Not half bad story! somewhat original.

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Brisbane, Queensland
41610 posts
ill have to check it out.

ive just gone back to playing RE1, so have a bit of an interest atm.
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Other International
1047 posts
really? hmmm might have to check it out
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Brisbane, Queensland
12486 posts
It's on my watch list. I didn't hold up much hope, but hopefully it's ok. Sounds promising at least.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2124 posts
well I'm easily pleased....
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Melbourne, Victoria
9683 posts
I watched the first episode - I've never played any of the games, seen the other movies, it's not a franchise that's really had much interest to me. While it did appear well produced and big budget, it was a bit 'meh' to me as I didn't really have any expectations of what was supposed to be going on.
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Cairns, Queensland
17238 posts
RE is about rage zombies and the corporation that creates them, there isn't really a deep subtext.

I binged the whole thing, it wasn't bad for a Netflix show. Even occupied the main monitor for some episodes.
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