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Hey folks,
I just wanted to give a bit of a shoutout to Adico for running The Warchief Club (https://liquipedia.net/ageofempires/The_Warchief_Club) out of his own pocket while he looks for players, commentators, sponsors and regular donators. While he has been busy looking for sponsorship and new players, he's a bit too busy, shy and honourable to beg for donations and for volunteer commentators (live or replays/delayed) to support the grassroots competitive community for AoEIV.

The Warchief Club kicked off as a bi-weekly global event in November last year (https://liquipedia.net/ageofempires/The_Warchief_Club/1), culminating in a $1250 Round 10 (https://liquipedia.net/ageofempires/The_Warchief_Club/10). Players in rounds 1-9 accrued points to qualify for the major round by playing in double elimination tournaments.

This year has seen a shakeup in order to sustain interest and support in TWC, as it has only briefly been sponsored by EGC. First, Adico toyed with a "Americas Trials" side event ran alongside the bi-weekly tournament, without a prizepool for lower-elo players to get some practice in draft format. This, along with the main event have both been replaced with...

...Running weekly, and across 3 main event tournaments(!), with a special event (or two) per week thrown in (sometimes for a prizepool now too!). Themed "TWC Americas", "TWC Europe", and "TWC Oceania" (& East Asia). These tournaments are open to players from any region, and players can attend all 3 events in the given week if desired. The names are merely to state their current "usual" weekly start times (subject to change based on the rest of the AoEIV tournament calendar) which are:

TWC Oceania: Wednesday 20:00 AEST//19:00 KST//10:00 UTC - https://www.start.gg/tournament/the-warchief-club-17/event/wednesday-oceania
TWC Europe: Wednesday 18:00 GMT//19:00 CET//18:00 UTC - https://www.start.gg/tournament/the-warchief-club-17/event/wednesday-europe
TWC Americas: Thursday 19:00 EST//16:00 PDT//23:00 UTC - https://www.start.gg/tournament/the-warchief-club-17/event/thursday-americas

This weekend will also see a $50 4th of July event for North America (US+CAN+MEX only) players. - https://liquipedia.net/ageofempires/Battle_for_NA

The mainstay TWC OCE/EU/AM events share a prizepool, which pays out at the end of every month. You can support the July fixtures here - https://matcherino.com/t/twc-july

Make sure to check TWC start.gg, and check into Adico's TWC discord server (https://discord.com/invite/jbCjSXqbsb) for more information about future rounds, and to sign up if desired!

Also DrDabston, Vegie, myself (Ardeshir), and others have done some commentary of various matchups and stages across past weeks. Check out high calibre players like PSiArc, DivineDFP and Kyo facing off on not quite the grandest stage of them all.

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