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This weekend is that hallowed of most hallowed wrestling events, WWE WrestleMania, and we Aussies have plenty cheer with our very own superstar Rhea Ripley teaming up with Liv Morgan for some tag team title action. We caught up with Rhea recently to chat about that, as well as her career so far and what it means to be represented digitally in WWE 2K22.

Here's a snippet from the very forthcoming and excellent interview:

What’s next for you, and your own personal elevation within the WWE ranks? Because you’re around the top all the time; you [seem] to get mad pushes, and rightly so… I feel like the sky’s still the limit for you…

Rhea: Thanks (laughing). I don’t really set goals or boundaries for myself. Or like a roof to hit. I just wanna see how far I can get in this business by pushing through all the [barriers] and making history and I want to keep going until I can’t go anymore. So I don’t really know what the next step for me is. I mean, I’m going to WrestleMania and tagging with Liv Morgan, so hopefully we can grasp the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship together, I think that will be pretty cool. But apart from that I would love to possibly go to SmackDown and win the Women’s SmackDown Championship -- it’s the one that I haven’t held yet, and then I’d be the first Grand Slam Champion to have the NXUK, the NXT, the Raw, the Women’s Tag Team AND the SmackDown Women’s Championships, so I think that would be pretty cool.

I’m here for the long run and to make history and to prove to everyone that us girls can go and give the guys a run for their money.
Click here for our full Rhea Ripley interview Q&A.

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