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Nostalgia tugs are all-powerful in geek worlds and circles. Sometimes you just need a trigger and the glass-half-full, optimistic side of your brain takes over and suddenly you find yourself thinking things like "this property is perfect for that setup", or "I've always thought it would be cool to be the ghost"... at least that's what happened to me momentarily after watching the reveal trailer for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

But I've (we've) been burnt before. Most recently with another 'perfect IP' to consider in the asymmetrical multiplayer setup -- Aliens: Fireteam Elite. So the logic side of my brain, that simply acknowledges there's a half-glass and that's all, is worried that what's promised simply won't deliver, or that any potential simply isn't capitalised on. (Let's also not forget Predator: Hunting Grounds.)

But I dare you to watch the trailer embedded above and not immediately get all ectoplasmic when Ecto-1's sirens kick in.

Here's some official info:
Put on a Proton Pack, grab a Ghost Trap, and monitor the trusty PKE Meter as a Ghostbuster in a team of four brave souls pursuing ghastly ghosts terrorizing public locations. Work together to find the Ghost, blast them with streams from the Particle Thrower to tether the slimy foe in place, and shut the trap at the perfect moment! Keep citizens calm and corral the Ghost before the environment gets too haunted.

Play as a Ghost, scaring unsuspecting citizens at various locations. You ain’t afraid of no Ghostbuster, thanks to the ability to fly and teleport between rifts. Possess objects lying around each room to sneak by roaming Ghostbusters and frighten passersby. If that doesn’t work, sliming and summoning ghoulish minions will. Haunt each map to completion as one of multiple Ghosts with different abilities.

Prepare for each match in the iconic Firehouse by customizing your Ghostbuster or Ghost, upgrading equipment and abilities, and getting some target practice in using the Particle Thrower as well as its different modifications. Talk with Winston Zeddemore, voiced by Ernie Hudson, and get missions before going out into the field. Meet some new and old friends like Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stantz, ready to hand down some busting wisdom at Ray’s Occult Books.

Who you gonna call when you wanna bust some ghosts? Thanks to cross-platform multiplayer, anyone on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and/or Xbox Series X|S or One can come together to cross the streams or spew slime. AI companions can help fill games, or enable solo Ghostbusters or a solo Ghost to play offline.
The game is slated to drop in the latter stages of the year, so stay tuned as we learn more in its build-up to release.
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