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Square Enix's Forspoken may have recently been pushed back almost half a year, but that won't slow the hype train, with the not George-related "Worlds Collide" trailer showcasing the game's stunning open-world and bombastic action and combat at today's PlayStation State of Play.

In addition to the trailer above, which I will say gives me next-gen Dragon's Dogma vibes, the game's creative producer, Raio Mitsuno, has also posted more details over at the PlayStation Blog:
Forspoken will take players on an adrenaline-fueled journey as they go head-to-head with fearsome creatures, including Gigas, the giant ogre, the flying Apsarivis, plus many more deadly but insanely beautiful enemies.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of the battle against the Dragon. You may have seen this formidable foe teased in our past trailers, and we’re excited to reveal more of this thrilling confrontation that requires Frey to combine her magical combat and parkour abilities to stay alive as she’s blasted with fire and pounded with brute-force attacks. How will Frey escape the clutches of this epic beast? You will have to play the game October 11 to find out.
With the game's on-the-nose named protagonist, Frey, players will enjoy a fish-out-of-water tale with Forspoken in an unrelenting and gorgeous open-world. Stay tuned as we close in on the game's October release date for more.
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