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Arnie is Now a Commander in World of Tanks
Steve Farrelly
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And if you say that headline out loud thinking it just adds to the insanity that has been these past few years, it actually doesn't sound all that crazy and, in fact, more like a return to normalcy for the world.

Go ahead, say it out loud.

See. It just sounds... right.

We already reported Arnie was teaming up with Wargaming for something World of Tanks related, and overnight the company aimed its sights at firing off details on just what that looks like moving forward:
Everything starts in the Garage. Here, players will instantly get their first present (the brand-new T3 Convertible, a Tier III Premium American medium) and will receive special Missions from Arnie. Each day a new mission will be revealed and there’s a total of 32 to complete. Upon completing 27 of them, the player will get Arnold Schwarzenegger as a commander. And this is the only way to recruit the action hero who comes with a voiceover recorded by the man himself, which includes some of Arnold’s most iconic phrases! Additionally, Arnold comes trained with three skills (Sixth Sense, Repairs, and Brothers in Arms as a zero perk).

Each successful mission will bring Small Boxes and Holiday Stamps. Small Boxes contain Shards for players to craft Standard and Large Decorations in the Decorider. This year, Standard Decorations will be of equal value, some of them containing easter eggs from Arnold’s acting career. The more embellishments, the more Festive Atmosphere Points and the higher the Festive Atmosphere Level. Holiday Post allows players to send parcels with Small Boxes to their friends by amassing Holiday Stamps. Their generosity will pay off: exchanging these parcels will bring senders special rewards.
“World of Tanks proves better than anything else that nothing is beyond reach for a person who has the desire, determination, and dexterity to get it,” states Arnold Schwarzenegger, World of Tanks Ambassador via press release. “So, start your engines, commanders, and don’t miss a moment of Holiday Ops 2022!”

“We are happy beyond measure that Arnold Schwarzenegger joined this year’s World of Tanks Holiday Ops. Needless to say, it’s been the cherished dream of our players for years!” states Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks Publishing Director.

“Enjoy Holiday Ops 2022 hosted by the invincible Arnold and grab your chance to recruit the greatest action hero as a commander!” The cherry on top, a special soundtrack will be accompanying the event to overwhelm the players with the spirit of careless merriment!

So there you have it, Arnie is now in World of Tanks and we should be seemingly better for it.
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