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Step Up Your Game with KontrolFreek
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Built from science to improve your game. As the holiday season approaches we go through the impressive KontrolFreek range to talk about what makes them the sort of real-world mod or buff every gamer needs.

KontrolFreek has been in the controller performance enhancing business for a while, creating Performance Thumbsticks and Performance Grips, alongside other gear, to suit just about every type of gamer, and game. Think of them like mods for your controller, adding all manner of bonus stats and buffs to boost your skill.

There’s an old saying that talks about how it’s not about the tools, but how you use them. A fairly general bit of wisdom sure, but when you apply that to the games we play, the most important tool might just be the one that sits in hand. As you fire up Call of Duty: Vanguard or decide that tonight is going to be all about exploring the beautiful digital Mexico in Forza Horizon 5, you’ll be gripping a PlayStation 5 DualSense, a classic PlayStation 4 DualShock or an Xbox controller, first and foremost.

The quality of your kit and its responsiveness can make the difference between landing a shot or missing the mark. Between making a turn or sliding into a rail. The good news is that a controller is very much a work-in-progress. A weapon that still has room for a mod or two.

Head Here For Our Full Breakdown of the KontrolFreek Range
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