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Age of Empires 4 Review - The RTS Classic Returns in Style
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You’ll learn a lot while playing through Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge’s Age of Empires IV. Not only how the ins and outs of its RTS mechanics work, thanks to the excellent Art of War mode, but for-real history stuff. Like, how castles, err, castled. The wonderful (and impressive) documentary approach found across the game’s four single-player campaigns is a great fit for the long-running RTS series. And as the first mainline Age of Empires in well over a decade, Age of Empires IV is something of a dream come true.

An expansive modern RTS gem.
Age of Empires IV is something of a marvel, a modern-day RTS released at a time when the real-time strategy genre exists mainly on the periphery of the genre landscape. Dating back to the time PC games first integrated the mouse and keyboard for input; the isometric perspective of the RTS, the real-time combat, the shoring up of defences, and training a large force to take on threats is still timeless. And with examples few and far between in 2021, having something exceptional arrive takes on an extra special quality.

The Age of Empires franchise is one that has a rich history in the PC landscape, whilst using real-world history to define its distinct tone. Realistic units and weapons and structures filtered through the guise of something that is fun to learn and play. Age of Empires IV might be the first mainline release since 2005’s Age III, but thanks to a string of Definitive Edition remasters and continued support in the form of content drops for games like Age of Empires II -- it’s relevancy hasn’t waned.

With Age of Empires IV, you’ve not only got a game that feels in line with the best of the series, it’s the most impressive strategy game in years.

Our Full Age of Empires 4 Review
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What's the multiplayer like?
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trog: WinterStarcraft goes into it in detail here

He has a kind of style that might be offputting, but he knows ALOT about multiplayer RTS and played all the betas extensively

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