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Sleek, Sexy and Games Ready - Our Samsung 4K Neo QLED QN90A Review
Steve Farrelly
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It's important to get viewing experiences right, but you also want to look good while doing it. Samsung's new Neo range of panels definitely fit the "sexy and sleek" requirement of the modern technophile, but with the best blacks and brightest colours ever on a Samsung TV, the Neo QLED QN90A might just be the best overall package from the tech giant yet.

And, naturally, if you're about to step into the market for a new screen, and gaming is your jam, well this screen should definitely be of interest, too.

Here's a snippet from our review:
Quantum Dot technology makes a return as per the stretching of technology, and in the Neo, it’s as bright as I’ve experienced. This is amplified by those blacks mentioned earlier, powered through Mini LED backlighting, which makes most UHD content just pop. Now that most content streams with at least a UHD tag, it’s super noticeable in a TV like this. But the whole thing truly gets to work when you’re viewing 4K-specific content. Part of the reason we’ve taken a bit longer to post this review was to experience the whole setup across a range of purpose-made items. Most recently we’ve jumped into Apple TV+’s Foundation which, it must be said, on the Neo looks absolutely stunning as a hyper-colourful sci-fi with state-of-the-art effects.

The screen does its best to have you minimally playing with features, and to my surprise was not Auto Motion Plus-enabled once I flicked it on (it’s my most hated feature of modern smart TVs). Intelligent mode wasn’t set to default either, but the option is there for the TV to make your viewing decisions for you. I barely made any changes, which was surprising as I’m meticulous about my visual setup, and simply found the Neo to be default ready to go.
Click here for our Samsung Neo QLED QN90A review.

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Bendigo, Victoria
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Looks great! Can't wait to get it.
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