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Valve Index - The Australian Review
Melbourne, Victoria
8445 posts
The Valve Index is Valve's own premium bit of Virtual Reality (VR) hardware, and in terms of being made available in Australia -- we've had to wait a little while. Well, that's just about over now and thanks to Valve we've had the opportunity to play (virtually) with the Index for some time now to bring our our full (for reals) review.

A snippet.
A lot of what makes-up the experience of trying out VR hardware comes down to the software you end up using. With the Valve Index finally making its way to Australia, it arrives as the high-end Virtual Reality experience for PC. Specifically, as the in-house VR headset designed by Valve to get the most out of its own SteamVR platform. And the premiere way to play Half-Life:Alyx, the narrative-heavy spectacle and VR showcase set in the Half-Life universe.

Frankly it’s the sort of AAA-style VR game we wish there was more of.
From both a technical, interactive City 17, and potential wallet-damage standpoint, the Index is formidable. Valve’s custom controllers allow for individual finger tracking that sits on top of the usual analogue-stick and button pressing. In Half-Life: Alyx and games like Boneworks the result is tactile control that firmly sets VR apart from standard ‘controller in hand’ gaming.

And with the Index supporting up to 144Hz output, there’s the addition of discomfort-free VR for extended sessions and alleviating things like motion sickness or the screen-door effect. But, there’s no skirting around the pricepoint -- $1899.95 AUD for the Complete Kit.

Our Full Valve Index Review
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I have an Oculus Quest 2 that can now use 5GHz routers to go fully wireless and it supports 120FPS, this seems like it's not much of a step up for the extra $1500 or so seeing as its per-eye resolution is lower and only has an extra 24Hz. Is the 40° extra FOV really worth that extra dosh?
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Other International
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Wow this is a unit. Not cheap though. Does VR stuff tend to drop in price over time or does it maintain RRP for a while?
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I per-ordered one which should arrive next week. I'll let you guys know my verdict. Going to play Half-Life Alyx and Saints and Sinners.
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Ballarat, Victoria
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the real differential with the Index isn’t so much the fov or per eye resolution, it’s those knuckles controllers that make the interactivity that much closer to an immersive experience for games that have it enabled in the steamworksSDK. i spent many hours with the early version Valve made with HTC, now that these are less than $3000 it might be time to jump back in with a gpu like a nv3000 series for some Half Life: Alyx goodness.
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