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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review in Progress - Mass Effect (2007)
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With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition we’ll be revisiting the newly remastered sci-fi epic one entry at a time - beginning with the iconic original. And with that, read on to discover what it's like to revisit a beloved classic a decade or so after its debut.

A classic for a reason.
The more involved the character creation is in an RPG, the more we view our controllable protagonist as a “blank-sheet”. Something that harkens back to the pen-and-paper days of the genre’s roots. The idea of a set in stone character -- with their own pre-defined look and back-story -- is more in line with a cinematic and linear tale, where RPG then morphs into action-RPG and character choice and customisation becomes limited to combat styles and a few narrative branches to traverse.

Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard follows a somewhat just like this set-in-stone path, a military commander that becomes the first human to become a Spectre. A one-person intergalactic Timothy Olyphant, of sorts, acting autonomously on behalf of the Galactic Council of races. With ancient alien artefacts, the return of a warring race of AI called the Geth, a rogue Spectre to hunt down, and a mystery that spans the very existence of sentient life in the Milky Way, the story isn’t exactly malleable. But Shepard is.

Head Here for Our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review - Mass Effect (2007)
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