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Steve Farrelly
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As varied as genre titles and descriptions for games and game-types are these days, the simulation genre just keeps one simulated foot ahead of everything else, it seems. There's simulation games for building cities, managing fleets of buses and seeing that trains arrive on time, but have you ever just wanted to be as redneck as all get up while managing inmates in a high security prison? Well, here's the thing...

Soon you can.

The aptly-titled Prison Simulator, from Baled Games, is as advertised: a game that has you in charge of keeping inmates in line, order in check and the whole prison system running as smoothly as you can.
Prison Simulator is an opportunity to play the role of a prison guard! Will you survive your promotion, balancing on a thin line between the satisfaction of the prison management and aggressive and dangerous convicts?
And that's all she wrote, for now. Thankfully a prologue is coming soon to Steam which you can Wishlist, as we have. But ahead of that, check out the teaser trailer for Prison Simulator embedded below.

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