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Steve Farrelly
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Devolver Digital has already showcased a handful of new levels for the upcoming Shadow Warriors 3, and today comes visual proof of not all thing being doom and gloom in Lo Wang's world, with a bright and colourful look at "Motoko's Thunderdome".

Here's what the messenger left before we beheaded them for the bad news (as was the way, natch):
Motoko’s Thunderdome - the latest mission revealed from Shadow Warrior 3 - plunges Lo Wang into the dynamic depths of Motoko’s caves. Using all of the new techniques at his disposal, Lo Wang battles his way through countless creatures while traversing cavernous arenas, grappling out of danger while descending further into chaos. However, the mysterious Motoko assists our hero by summoning explosive lighting attacks capable of blasting enemies into the ether...
Yeah, not a lot to go on. You can see just why we were brought to the aforementioned gruesome action.

Watch the new map reveal trailer embedded below. Shadow Warrio 3 is out sometime this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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