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We came out strong in relation to the written article that preceded the Four Corners report on gaming. The report covered so-called gaming addiction, loot boxes, gambling tactics in games to get people to spend more money on them, and a few other hot topics in relation to some of the perceived negatives around gaming. Our response to this wasn't done so with a view to quiet those points of concern, but to call out the way in which they were first framed in the written piece, and then second to discuss them further after seeing the full video report.

While the video package certainly presented a more rounded and deeper discussion around the issues raised, it still felt and came across a little one-sided for ours, and while we absolutely should be having discussions around things like tactics to grab more money from unaware punters, or people with control issues when it comes to impulse buying, or just how loot boxes differ from real-world purchases like trading cards or the exampled Kinder Surprises, we still want these kinds of points raised in more measured ways.

Our original post features discourse from our regulars, and in those Comments I've linked the podcast, but for any newcomers, you can find it embedded below.

There is a lot to talk about, and at least even with push back across numerous entities, at least discussions are being had around all topics of concern. Ours, specifically, was based heavily in how these things are framed, especially when they get presented to people who might not understand gaming to the degree a lot of us do. With great power, comes great responsibility and all that.

Check out the podcast below.

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