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Outriders Review - A Forgettable Ride Even When It's Not Crashing
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Out earlier this month, and playable right now via Xbox Game Pass, Outriders presents a new co-op looter shooter shooter set in an original sci-fi setting from the creators of Bulletstorm. How does it fare? Well, that headline probably gives you an idea of our take.

A snippet.
Outriders consists of two game modes, the Campaign and the Endgame, and unfortunately they're virtually indistinguishable from one another. The campaign offers a flimsy story mode involving finding a beacon or signal to accompany your slaughtering of hordes of enemies whilst traversing an assortment of rooms. Environments are varied in that we get to see different biomes and weather conditions, though it’s all set dressing for what ends up being a rather repetitive string of missions that are all basically the same aforementioned horde mode. With the same exploration - a to b with a side quest or two.

Side quests that introduce no new mechanics outside of the game’s m.o. -- “shoot three waves of enemies and press a button on a marker”.

Aside from some cool looking ruins and architecture this repetitiveness ends up making the maps feel boring and generic. Snow level? Bland. Desert? Boring. Jungle? Cool at first, but ultimately boring.

Head Here For Our Full Outriders Review
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