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And no, not a fire sale (because we can, that's why), rather a sale that celebrates a game and IP that took crazy ideas across narrative, setting, presentation and mechanics to places no one else really was, or has, in that time-span. This is a reflection of the journey of Desperados that includes conversation around zombies and Jon Bon Jovi -- what more convincing do you need to settle in for an hour around the campfire to listen in on how we all became desperadoes?

We more than thoroughly enjoyed Desperados III (I'm personally still trying to find time to finish it because it's an investment not for the feint of heart), and all of this insight into getting the original idea off the ground through to its recent revival just endears us to the franchise even more.
20 years ago, on April 20th, 2001 Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive was released by developer Spellbound Entertainment, known today as Black Forest Games. Fast forward to present day, and the award-winning and critically acclaimed Desperados III (now developed by Mimimi Games) was honoured in the past week with the "Best German Game" award at the German Game Awards 2021.

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary, we've created a special documentary, highlighting how Desperados came to be. This includes insights into why it wasn't called Death Valley, why a confederate General, raising zombie soldiers to continue the American Civil War didn't play a role, and why Jon Bon Jovi wasn't part of the first trailer.
Additionally and key to this post is the sale. Head on over to Steam for access to all content for Desperados, currently featuring some significant discounts. And while you wait for your games to download, watch the 20th anniversary special embedded below.

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