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Surprise Motherf*****s!
Brisbane, Queensland
6371 posts
Ha!...I'm STILL alive c****!! Admittedly I am more cyborg and Tech than Human BUT I am still here dudes!! Hope all the old gang are doing well, or went out in a blaze of glory and wish all the newbs the best. Life's short, trust me, I've died twice! :) Be kind to each other.


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Brisbane, Queensland
41560 posts
hey psycho!

glad to hear you are still kicking!

im still using the box you sold me and its going strong as.

what you playing these days?
05:46am 18/04/21 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24831 posts
good to hear you are still around to cause trouble.
10:08pm 18/04/21 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
17130 posts
02:01pm 01/05/21 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
22385 posts
It's been a while. Be interesting to see how many original QGL people are still alive.

I'll start anyway. I'm still alive.
07:52pm 01/05/21 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41563 posts
i am still alive!
12:17pm 02/05/21 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21556 posts
Hey hey!

I'm still alive as well
09:42pm 02/05/21 Permalink
5206 posts
Still here.
05:04pm 03/05/21 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2732 posts
Not dead
07:53pm 08/06/21 Permalink
Other International
40165 posts
G'day Psycho! Somehow missed this thread. Hope all is well on your side. Love to hear what you are playing these days (and I assume you're still doing it on the world's best PC rig)
08:12am 09/06/21 Permalink
1 posts

💀 I have died before
10:09pm 05/07/21 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4502 posts
you know who hasn’t been online since like the QEII stadium days of the LAN shenanigans is Term
11:37pm 05/07/21 Permalink
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