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Monster Hunter Rise - Our Full Review
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The Monster Hunter series is arguably bigger than ever, with the excellent Monster Hunter World making waves on PC and Xbox One/PS4 plus there was the recent Hollywood movie -- even though it wasn't any good. The latest game in series sees the hunt return to Nintendo with Monster Hunter Rise -- an experience that aims to push the series forward.

On review duties was our very own hunter, Alex 'Pikamus' Andreadis - a notable fan and something of an expert on monsters. A snippet.
If you’ve come from the last Switch iteration you’re in for a plethora of quality of life changes. If you’re coming from Monster Hunter World you’ll see a few ideas from that game here but with some added evolution on top. Speaking from the perspective of the last Switch outing, you no longer have to stock a mining axe, fishing rod, or whetstone for sharpening -- you just have them with you all the time.

Not having to remember to stock items or worry about where they might fit in your inventory is always welcome, but Capcom has taken this concept one step further by encouraging you to explore off the main path. And having that sit alongside a seemingly simple change leads to the discovery of fishing spots, hidden mineral deposits, and other resources to collect. Oddities to uncover. By omitting the need to keep a list of things you need to bring with you, or having your pickaxe break sending you home mid-expedition, the experience feels fresh and new.

Our Full Monster Hunter Rise Review
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