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And we're not joking, because neither is Focus Home Interactive, pulling out the big gat guns to help sell Farming Simulator 19's latest "Rottne" DLC (available now). This trailer shreds like the Rottne H21D Wood Harvester and F20D Wood Forwarder shred trees, and after you watch this, you'll absolutely need both new Farming Simulator vehicles in your life.

Here's the logging manifest:
Rottne’s H21D wood harvester and F20D wood forwarder are any logger’s dream. The Swedish forestry manufacturer’s harvester is efficient, powerful, and foldable, allowing you to transport it with ease through tighter spaces. Once the trees are felled, hop into the F20D forwarder to transport enormous quantities back for a hefty profit. With the Rottne DLC, your forestry business will boom.
If you know what a "wood forwarder" is, chances are you're already driving it and not reading this. For everyone else, get ready to rock via the trailer embedded below.

GAME TRIVIA - Did You Know?

Farming Simulator developer, Giants Software, estimates around 8-10% of its player-base is in some way, shape or form connected to professional farming? That estimation can mean anywhere between 80,000 to 200,000 if sales of Farming Simulator 19 (alone) are to be utilised in extrapolation of IRL farmers who play. We guess digital cow pats are better than stepping in the real thing, right?

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