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Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series - Spacious Seating with Comfort and Stabil...
Steve Farrelly
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Gaming isn't all about screens, GPUs, audio, peripherals or the actual games. It's also about being comfortable with all of those things, and that starts at your seating.

To this end, we've been sat in an Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Gaming Chair for a few weeks now; running the gaming starting point through its comfort and ergonomic paces. Will it help you level up your game? Here's an excerpt from our review:
It’s kind of hard reviewing a gaming chair. Is it comfortable? Yep. Can you put it together easily? Yep. Does it fit? Yep. Is it adjustable in all the right areas? Yep. Is it robust? Yep. Does it look cool? Yep.

What’s a negative about it? Well, it’s heavy, but that leans towards its robust “yep”, so we don’t really want that changed. Could it have any added features? Not really, all of the yeps are everything we look for in a chair. What about, like, built in speakers and such? Nah, our dedicated gaming speakers already do the job, and to be honest, if we’re at a point where a gaming chair is a must-own and ergonomic requirement, the idea of one with built-in speakers and those sorts of bells and whistles sounds kind of cheap.
Click here for our full Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series review.
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