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MSI Clutch GM50 Gaming Mouse Review - A Solid Mid-Range Performer
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The sub-$100 AUD price range for a gaming mouse is probably the most competitive in terms of offerings and with the advances made in optical sensor and switch technology over the years it's not too hard to find a decent performer. Case in point the MSI Clutch GM50.

As per our review.
As far as peripherals go the mid-range gaming mouse is something of a saturated market, understandably so. The sub-$100 AUD price range is something of a budget sweet spot, and features more brands than you’ve probably heard of. Many of which are simply offering variations on a theme. Similar sensors, software support, build quality, additional features, shapes, sizes, and everything else. The MSI Clutch GM50 isn’t exactly an oasis in the desert, but it is a notable mid-range gaming mouse. And a decent performer to boot.

With a suite of features and hardware ticking all of the right boxes it presents a reasonable choice for those looking for a new gaming mouse without spending too much money. It’s also sturdy and features multiple lighting zones and an ergonomic shape that’s comfortable and lightweight -- that is, for those who prefer this style of grip.

Our Full MSI Clutch GM50 Gaming Mouse Review
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