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Brisbane, Queensland
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One of the era’s defining dancefloor acts hung up their helmets on Monday, as electronic music stars Daft Punk announced their retirement in typically enigmatic fashion with a video showing one of them exploding in a desert.

The French duo released the eight-minute clip, titled “Epilogue”, which used footage from their cult 2006 film “Electroma” in which one of the robots sets the auto-destruct of the other.

A cutaway then reads “1993-2021” with two robot hands making a circle around a sunset.


Austal’s US boss resigns, shares dive
Their publicist, Kathryn Frazier, confirmed the news to AFP by email, without giving a reason for the split.

From “Da Funk” in 1995 to “Get Lucky” in 2013, Daft Punk became the torchbearers for French house music across the globe, winning six Grammy Awards and pioneering the monumental sound-and-light shows that came to characterise the electronic dance movement (EDM) of recent years.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Damn it, they were awesome. Daft Punk Alive 2007 is pure gold.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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thank you daft punk.

so good.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Alive is indeed pure gold... my fave daft punk tune would probably be Around the World... always a great moment when you hear it being played
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Other International
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Generally not my kind of music but I loved Daft Punk. Their work on Tron: Legacy was epic too.
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