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TV 2021
Brisbane, Queensland
24827 posts
What new and returning TV shows have you been watching in 2021?

Some of my favs are:
Adult Material
I Hate Suzi
Search Party - A+
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Undoing (OK at the start but gets lame)
The Queen's Gambit (excellent)

What are you looking forward to returning?
Stranger Things
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Gold Coast, Queensland
27373 posts
Better Call Saul is my #1 desire. Last season was great.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
170 posts
S5 of The Expanse

that's about it
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Brisbane, Queensland
41552 posts
been watching a few different things.

ploughed through Schitts Creek and loved that.

totally addicted to my 600lb life

watching superstore atm.

hoping stranger things doesnt f*** it up, been good so far.
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Other International
40126 posts
Just watched The Stand (Amazon Prime), the latest remake of the awesome Stephen King novel. It was really good! If you have read the book or like King-esque horror in general, post-apocalyptic sci-fi-ish, good-vs-evil-with-religious-overtones, it is worth a watch.

Not as truly terrifying or scary as I recall the novel being but they did a really great job capturing the core of the story.
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Other International
40127 posts
oh s*** and we just started watching WandaVision on Disney+ - spinoff of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feat. Scarlet Witch and Vision. Only a few eps in but it is trippy af and really interesting so far - very very different to the usual round of TV. Check it out if you're into MCU.
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