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Remember that Monkey King Journey to the West joint we revealed last year from upstart Chinese-based studio, Game Science Studio made up of ex-Tencent devs? Well, the studio has emerged in the openings of 2021 to offer a Chinese New Year greeting by way of a very impressive trailer showing off stunning visuals, intense combat and big, mythical monsters.

What more could you want?

Well a release date would be nice for one, but let's take this one staff swing at a time.
As the Mouse gives way to the Ox, we have a growing talent and force.

Here is a little tune for you, gamers dear. May you have a prosperous year!

-- Game Science Studio
There's an official website for the game, but it's all in Chinese unfortunately, however, there are a number of tech test vids to peruse showcasing the game's stunning visuals, intense ambience and overall art-direction. Honestly, this is very high on our list of must-haves, hopefully it sees the light of day this year, but we're not holding our collective breath on that eventuating (see, reverse psychology). Watch the Chinese New Year greeting trailer embedded below.

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