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Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a third-person action-RPG from Welsh-based RUNWILD that sees players taking on the role of an "Alpha", a warrior infused with powers of your ancestors with a single goal in mind: to kill the oppressive gods holding your home and people back in tyrannical fashion.

The game is set to feature as part of Steam's Steam Game Festival which is kicking off this week and will feature a handful of playable demos and developer highlights for games on Valve PC platform. Here's official info on Almighty: Kill Your Gods:
In Almighty: Kill Your Gods, you take on the persona of an Alpha, the first amongst your kind, a magical warrior infused with the power of your ancestors, reborn to take a stand for your tribe against the tyranny and oppression of the Elder Gods. Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a game about reclaiming and rebuilding your home in the face of impossible odds.
“We really miss bringing demos to gamers and getting to see their reaction to our games in-person. We miss hearing the feedback and we really miss seeing gamers having fun. Even though we can't be with everyone in person, we're excited to be a part of the Steam Game Festival. We're getting to still get our demos of First Class Trouble and Almighty: Kill Your Gods in the hands of fans. We can still get visibility for our games, still get that gamer feedback, and we can still connect to the community. Valve's built an awesome event to showcase our titles.” Said Steve Escalante, General Manager of publisher Versus Evil via press release.

Both games are lining up for release later this year on Steam with other platforms also under consideration.

To learn more about Almighty: Kill Your Gods, click here, and be sure to check out the latest developer video embedded below.

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