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Inspired by the likes of Frostpunk and other fantastical survival titles, Derelict Void from Canada-based Stirling Games is headed to Steam this March after achieving 112% of its Kickstarter goal late last year.

Described as a "roguelike city-builer space odyssey" the game sees you salvaging the remnants of civilisation seemingly torn asunder by a space anomoly. Here's HAL's official diagnostic on events and how you can help bring humanity back from "the Void":
Derelict Void is a roguelike city-builder space odyssey. The game involves scavenging for resources and base management. You command a ship and crew searching for resources you need to stay alive, trying to escape the space sector no one wants to be in.

Initially you are a scavenger but as you progress you are able to collect life support production buildings that when working together can recycle resources. These buildings let you build up population capacity allowing you to rescue as many stranded people as you dare. As you travel from place to place you will need to make choices. There are stories that you must resolve, and gambles to make. At first your gambles may fail to pay off, but with each successive playthrough you will learn to get deeper into this Rogue-lite Survival that shifts into Colony Management.

  • Explore and navigate through stranded ships and treacherous debris to discover the secrets of the void.
  • Take Risks and make the right choices to survive.
  • Manage resources to your ship’s survival and balance it all to keep the ship going for another day.
  • Create your own stories in the world of Derelict Void, and share your mods with friends through our content delivery servers.
  • Open content creation tool where everyone can contribute to the story and world of the game.
The game is available for PC on March 19 in Australia. Check out the official trailer embedded below.

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