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It's an expenny upgrade, no doubt. It's a point we can't deny, but the term "future-proof", which we might have gone overboard with in our in-depth review, still stands. But what this panel does is equally elevate current media through AI upscaling, making a very strong case for that potential upgrade you've maybe been thinking of following through with.

From our review:
Like panels of the past, the 8K QLED Q950TS 75” display comes equipped with a “One Connect” box. For the uninitiated, this is basically your Xbox to run your TV. It features four HDMI inputs, an ethernet port and USB ports. From your telly, there’s a single cord that makes this work and given its size, it’s versatile in movement; meaning the giant, heavy 75” panel you just made your home display, remains that way.

There’s a single 2.1 HDMI input for 8K and upscaling that both warrants pause and no concern; pause being why not have all ports 2.1, the no concern is there’s a very good chance down the track new One Connects will rectify this in triplicate (heh). What’s important to remember here is you’re buying the panel. Everything else is pretty much digitally upgradeable, but the future-proof stuff comes in the form of the display.
Click here for our full review.
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