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Oculus Quest2 VR favourite games?
Brisbane, Queensland
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I haven't played games in years but just got the Quest2 VR and loving it
I thought I would get motion sick but none at all, the visual quality is surprisingly good, but it does get hot on the eyes so aircon is a must in summer.

What's your favourite games and mods/accessories?
I'm looking at best battery to strap on and possibly the hand straps like the original Quest.

My favourite games at the moment:

---Via built in head set:
Vader Imortal
Beat Saber - great at friends places party mode
Just started the walking dead game. so good grabbing zombie heads as you stab them :P

---Via PC wireless link with dedicated 5G WIFI AP(sidequest and VR patch) 90HZ
Half Life Alyx (amazing) even on shared non dedicated 5G WIFI
About to set it up with iRacing can't wait.(briefly setup via PCLink cable but cable keep disconnecting thus dedicated 5G AP for 90HZ)
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Phantom Covert Ops... trust! https://www.ausgamers.com/games/phantom-covert-ops/review/

But yeah it's a stealth shooter, but the silly premise of being on a kayak works wonders for VR immersion. The AI is pretty basic but it has a very classic stay in the shadows feel mixed with an over-the-top CoD style campaign... very cool. The touch controls are awesome too, very intuitive

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