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Oculus Quest2 VR favourite games?
Brisbane, Queensland
6190 posts
I haven't played games in years but just got the Quest2 VR and loving it
I thought I would get motion sick but none at all, the visual quality is surprisingly good, but it does get hot on the eyes so aircon is a must in summer.

What's your favourite games and mods/accessories?
I'm looking at best battery to strap on and possibly the hand straps like the original Quest.

My favourite games at the moment:

---Via built in head set:
Vader Imortal
Beat Saber - great at friends places party mode
Just started the walking dead game. so good grabbing zombie heads as you stab them :P

---Via PC wireless link with dedicated 5G WIFI AP(sidequest and VR patch) 90HZ
Half Life Alyx (amazing) even on shared non dedicated 5G WIFI
About to set it up with iRacing can't wait.(briefly setup via PCLink cable but cable keep disconnecting thus dedicated 5G AP for 90HZ)
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Melbourne, Victoria
7785 posts

Phantom Covert Ops... trust! https://www.ausgamers.com/games/phantom-covert-ops/review/

But yeah it's a stealth shooter, but the silly premise of being on a kayak works wonders for VR immersion. The AI is pretty basic but it has a very classic stay in the shadows feel mixed with an over-the-top CoD style campaign... very cool. The touch controls are awesome too, very intuitive

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Other International
40148 posts
Digging up this old thread cuz I just finally got to play with one of these over the weekend and was super impressed. The visual quality is so much better than I expected and it seems like a really smooth and well-organised unit.

Basically just played Beat Sabre and SuperHot. Pretty tempted to get one of these JUST for Beat Sabre.

Had a quick look at other VR units and it seems like this is the cheapest option at the moment, I guess because it comes with the Facebook tax.
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
917 posts
Beat Saber remains the go-to game for me and has been that way for each generation of headset since its release. Pretty much the killer app for VR. Quest2 is the only real choice at the moment, but a pause in the dev market means there's not a whole lot of innovative gameplay taking it beyond where VR was about 2 years ago.
Some of the best immersive experiences:
- beat saber
- iRacing
- Robo Recall (best locomotion system)
- Racket NX

Recently there's been an uptake in 360 movies/experiences, which suits the quest well.
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Other International
40150 posts
nice one thanks dude! disappointing there's not much better stuff out there and I wonder how much mileage I could get out of Beat Saber before I get a bit bored.

Hoping whatever Apple is working on comes out soon and blows everything up
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Gold Coast, Queensland
27382 posts
Half Life Alyx, MS Flight Sim, Saints and Sinners, Boneworks, Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally 2, Pavlov, No Man's Sky, Skyrim VR, Subnautica are great AAA VR titles. There are plenty of others. Alyx in particular is good.
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Brisbane, Queensland
41566 posts
need Alyx to come to psvr so i can play it.
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Other International
40158 posts
Alyx sounds pretty cool to me now; I know it got a good rap but I wasn't convinced the experience would be good enough, but I'm super turned around now based on my Quest 2 experience.

I see there is a 64GB version and a 256GB version. I assume it only matters if you're playing "untethered"?
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