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We've now spent some time in Valhalla (and Norway, England and Canada), and have found the sagas (or stories) entrenched within each region more compelling maybe than the base game. Here's why...

Here's a small saga for your peepers only:
“This world is hard, and the gods care not,” exclaims a troubled Eivor after trying to help some kids in the harsh north of the Isles. Their dad needed to find a lost treasure to keep his kids warm, you see. Eurviscre is no place to put bare feet up in recline, lest it be by a warm hearth. Still, they came first and he dove into cold, ruin-laden depths for their future. And in his efforts, drowned, leaving them now orphans.

They cry upon learning this information.

I couldn’t bring myself to LIE, though that is an option. And while ascending the dilapidated tower to move on, and maybe nab a Large Brown Trout or two from the lake that surrounds Olikana Tower -- the very lake that claimed the life of the father of these kids -- they keep wailing in the background. And no amount of Blue Bird or wind-shimmering visual perfection against the most orange sun and forever horizon you’ve ever seen will silence that sound.

Such is the World Events world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
Click her for our full Assassin's Creed Valhalla stories Saga.
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