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Your personal hygiene products
Brisbane, Queensland
24795 posts
What are your preferred personal hygiene products? If you have multiple just select your favourite.

Shaving razor: Schick quatrro
Shave cream/gel: King of Shaves gel
Face moisturiser: Bulldog original
Face scrub: Aldi Lacura Detoxifying Charcoal Cleander is tingly and amazing
Deodorant: Nivea Men, many of them are good. I like the Black best probably.
Hair: Nioxin range, Program No. 2, shampoo, condition and treatment.
Aftershave: I am sure we all have options but I always come back to Ralph Lauren Polo Black.
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Brisbane, Queensland
41533 posts
razor: dont use one
shaver: some cheapy
soap: whatever is in shower
deoderant: dont use
shampoo: F*** YES!!!!
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AGN Admin
Other International
40078 posts
Shaving razor: Mach 3. Probably use it once a month max, mostly just use clippers (the cheapest Remington clippers, sold to me by Shaver Shop who made two false claims about them so I feel ripped off) to trim back when I get itchy (change blades about once a year)
Shave cream/gel: I use the old brush and soap routine, forget the brand but it's a brand new one.
Face moisturiser: none
Face scrub: none
Deodorant: Old Spice
Hair: Head and shoulders for the selenium
Aftershave: Very rarely but I have like a ten year old bottle of JPG Le Male that I bust out on special occasions

When it's cold and dry I use my partner's generic skin moisturiser around my waist; I get annoying rashes.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12463 posts
Shaving razor: Don't shave.
Shave cream/gel: Don't shave.
Face moisturiser: Drinking water.
Face scrub: The harsh QLD sun.
Deodorant: Brut.
Hair: Clipped to a 1, so whatever is in the shower.
Aftershave: Don't shave.
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AGN Admin
Other International
40079 posts
Are you don't shave bros fully bearded up? If so, how do you stand it in the summer heat?!
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Brisbane, Queensland
21613 posts
nah they just run bad half assed facial hair
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Perth, Western Australia
684 posts
shaver: some electric cheapy
soap: whatever is cheapest, palmolive currently
deoderant: whatever is cheapest, generally nivea or rexona
shampoo: whatever is cheapest 2in1, generally tresemme
moisturiser: whatever is cheapest with aloe vera, currently nivea
aftershave: hardly ever use, what ever is in the cupboard (normally gifts/freebies)
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AGN Admin
Other International
40081 posts
soap: whatever is cheapest, palmolive currently
Check out the Coles/Woolies generic brand, almost certainly even cheaper and it's generally non-perfumed which for me is a big draw
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Brisbane, Queensland
12465 posts
Are you don't shave bros fully bearded up? If so, how do you stand it in the summer heat?!
With a stoic look on our faces :)

Sometimes I will get the absolute s**** and just clipper it off, I never go bare face though. Once you've had facial hair nobody wants to see you without it. Apparently a weird and traumatic experience for those having to look at us. Its not usually not the weather that will get me, it will be something trivial like eating.
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AGN Admin
Other International
40084 posts
I don't have the right facial hair to grow a badass beard (very disappointing) but for me the itchiness drives me up the f*****g wall when it gets past a certain length, so it's just clipper time
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Gold Coast, Queensland
27291 posts
Pretty much Dermaveen across the board. T-Gel for my hair.
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3057 posts
I just shaved the other day from letting it grow for like 4 months. Luckily? it's slow growing. Now I just have sideburns but before I trimmed that I had half-arsed mutton chops for 2 days.
Shaving razor: Parker Double Edge Razor
Shave cream/gel: Proraso but I'm out of it so Ill use anything
Face moisturiser: NA
Face scrub: NA
Deodorant: Normal deodorant I use is Lynx but antiperspirant I use whatever I get from family for Christmas. Usually Brut or something.
Hair: Aldi Anti-dandruff shampoo
Aftershave: Never bother with it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
992 posts
I thought I logged into facebook for a sec
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