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Yesterday we gave you an in-depth review of the Xbox Series X, and today it’s Sony’s turn with the PlayStation 5. We’ve had both consoles for awhile now and are confident we’ve gotten as much out of them ahead of “out in the wild updates” yet to be applied, but if you’re looking for definitive information on both, hit the link above, or continue on with this after the jump.

We look at everything from the PlayStation as a console brand and each iteration’s beginnings, to how the PS5 shapes against its heritage as well as what’s under the hood, what that horsepower really means, its size and shape, as well as what the future holds in store. And yes, we get deep on the DualSense controller as well.

Here’s a snippet:
Additionally, a new “cards” system tops the access bar which includes an Official News Feed not too unlike the Nintendo Switch News Feed. You can see Recent Captures, Trophies earned within the game you’re playing as well as Activity and Challenge cards that track progress in certain games, while also giving you a percentage of what’s left to do.

In some games, clicking on a specific challenge will jump you straight into that section and can even offer an estimated time of completion if it’s a contained challenge. This all happens very quickly, and you can jump in and out of up to three games through the Switcher tab -- though there’s no equivalent to the Xbox Series X “Quick Resume”, as each game loads from its title screen.
Click here for our in-depth PlayStation 5 review.
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Interesting how your XSX review mentions the available storage (802GB out of 1 TB) yet the is review fails to mention the PS5 available storage (664GB out of 825 GB)....
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