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Watch Dogs: Legion Review - Do It For London Bruv
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Watch Dogs: Legion is one of three epic single-player games Ubisoft is releasing in the latter parts of 2020 (the other two being Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising) and by shifting its setting to modern-day London we take the fascinating 'be anyone' open-world action game for a spin through the grimy cor blimey streets of London.

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As outlined in the past – and touched uponacross two in-depth previews – Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t focus on a single protagonist. Instead anyone you see on the bustling streets of digital London is a potential recruit, ready to tackle whatever mission or bit of discovery DeadSec has on the cards. It’s a system that is nothing short of impressive in action, offering up a diverse cast of colourful characters to choose from to create your very own team.

Taking the ‘anyone is the hero like bruv’ concept to its absolute limit, this means an elderly retiree, a construction worker, a beekeeper, a waiter, a student, a hairdresser, or even a homeless person struggling to make it through the day – is but a mission or conversation away from joining the fight. By drawing on a wide range of traits and abilities, each AI citizen is painted with a fine enough stroke to warrant a sense of individuality – bolstered by being fully voiced throughout each cinematic mission and each story beat.

There’s a definite sense of the every-person, the regular Joe or Joanne, finding their true calling and making a difference. On that note we spent quite a large amount of time wandering through the boroughs hacking each passer-by to get a quick look at who they are via digital footprint.

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