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Seriously Bland - Serious Sam 4 Review
Melbourne, Victoria
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Development on Serious Sam 4 began back in 2012, which the year the Mayan’s screwed up their prediction by about eight years or so. Anyway the point is games that have been in development for that long usually turn out one of two ways. Guess which direction Serious Sam 4 took?

Yeah, Duke Nukem Foreversville.
Like other foul-mouthed veterans in the first-person field, Sam has been missing for some time – with the last entry proper, Serious Sam 3: BFE, dropping back in 2011. With developer Croteam still at the helm, Serious Sam 4 has been a long time coming. Development began back in 2012. And on paper at least, the bright visuals, large open-spaces, and commitment to hordes of enemies and projectile-based carnage should be the sort of read-soaked fun we all need right now.
It isn’t. And really, the elongated development time should have been the indicator for what to expect. Serious Sam 4’s cinematic campaign is a Duke Nukem Forever sized mess, from performance issues to sloppy level design to outright ugly visuals. The story is C-Grade and the voice acting is campy and not at all amusing. It’s not funny.

Our Full Serious Sam 4 Review
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it'll be $2 on Steam one day
12:41am 25/09/20 Permalink
Newcastle, New South Wales
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Eugh God No, I would however give it to people I absolutely HATE though!
03:29pm 26/09/20 Permalink
Steel Praetorian
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From that absolute roasting that you jist gave it, i am shocked you still gave it a passmark of 5/10, would have though 2/10 or 3/10 would be more fitting.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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It's still okay in bursts, last level is classic Sam, and it supports co-op
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