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We recently had a quick 6v6 multiplayer session with fellow journos in Australia with the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and its multiplayer and walked away happy, smiling, nostalgic and VIP-curious.

So we played a couple of new modes, for one (or two), as well as some familiar across a variety of well-designed maps in a very pretty experience. Here's some intel on our two-ish hours with the game:

Speaking of, what I got from the whole experience was this entry’s story is going to truly double down on era and settings. And that’s a good thing. The Satellite map -- a desert with caves and caverns featuring, you guessed it, a crashed satellite (because, Cold War) -- was a particularly cool narrative nod to what we’re in for when Reagan is in charge, and while it’s all largely aesthetic, these things help sell the skirmish. I mean who doesn’t love Nuke Town? Seriously, who doesn’t?

So, those new modes. Well, my favourite was VIP. It has a Last Man Standing element and snowmobiles. I’m genuinely looking forward to the videos, gifs and memes that will come from this mode because you can have everyone on the map downed and crawling around on all fours waiting to be revived by the alive players, but you can crawl really fast. And it has snowmobiles. I mean -- recipe = awesome (comedy).
Click here for our hands-on with Cold War's new multiplayer.
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