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Iron Harvest Review - A Company of Mechanised Heroes
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We've been following the development on this for quite some time. Thanks to some impressive visuals it was hard not to be instantly won over by Iron Harvest's simple elevator pitch -- Company of Heroes, but with mechs. Of course Iron Harvest is its own thing and is distinct enough to stand on its own two mechanised legs, but how does it fare as a promising new RTS?

Well, it's good but a little uneven.
Unfortunately, this clunky-ness extends to the mission design and the overall pacing of Iron Harvest’s campaign, at least when playing on the Medium difficulty setting. As the first campaign off the rack, the earliest Polania missions don’t really sell the combat flow of Iron Harvest -- so there’s some confusion. Because that flow is, hero and squad micromanagement with near-constant action. A style of play where a blend of artillery and firepower must be used to shore up resources if you need them, and defenses when holding a line.

The more hectic campaign missions kind of force you into this single strategy, where a low unit cap and overwhelming enemy army sizes means relentless action. The need for resources mid to late game in Iron Harvest is optional. If you can keep your forces alive, repaired, and healed that is. And sure, that stuff costs some but not a lot of Iron and Oil but it points to protracted and specific battles as opposed to positioning being key.

Our Full Iron Harvest Review
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