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Iron Harvest 1920+ Story Trailer - Tigers and Bears and Mechs, Hell ...
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The quick elevator pitch for Iron Harvest 1920+ is "Company of Heroes but old timey Mechs in alternate history Europe". But, as the latest story trailer shows (the game is out September 1), its an impressive cinematic spectacle to boot. This is chock full of awesome real-time footage.

And as per the headline, characters you'll meet have pet bears and tigers. Which when put next to the cool looking mechs, is yeah -- a visual feast.

Iron Harvest 1920+ tells and epic, overarching story following three factions and their protagonists. Each faction offers different tactical opportunities. in the intense tactical battles. This not only allows an intense story telling spanning over 20 missions in three campaigns but also guarantees deep tactical multiplayer experiences in which strategy beats clicks per second at any time. Additional Skirmish and Challenge Maps allow to challenge the AI alone or in co-op with a friend.

In classic RTS style, the campaign will cover all three factions - Polania, Saxony and Rusviet -- and from what we see here, it will be as cinematic as the mechs we see are made of steel. Err, heaps cinematic.
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