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Oculus Rift S Review - Affordable, Cutting-Edge VR
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At $649.00 AUD the Oculus Rift S VR headset presents an affordable entry into the world of high-end VR -- thanks to its groundbreaking blend of inside-out tracking, touch controls, and lightweight feel that can turn any space into a digital world full of Stormtroopers, face-huggers, rogue Russian agents, flying cubes to slice, and dance floors to get down on.

And in 2020 -- with the state of things -- VR feels more essential than ever.
In keeping the costs of the Oculus Rift S down, in the realm of less-than half of some of the competition, Oculus no longer sits on the absolute top or Mt. VR Tech. In terms of high-end display features that is. It’s a move that makes sense for the Facebook owned property – mainstream and a wider appeal has always been the goal. Not only from a market-speak standpoint but in hitting the right level of saturation that allow for games like Asgard’s Wrath, Phantom Covert Ops, Beat Saber, and Half-Life Alyx to make sense.

Testing out VR for the first time, with the right sort of experience and the right tools like the Rift S offers with Oculus Touch Controllers and proprietary inside-out tracking -- is a special moment. The sort of thing that can convince you of the technology’s ‘here to stay’ and Neo-style ‘woah’ benefits.

Our Full Oculus Rift S Review
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