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Monitor Suggestion
Adelaide, South Australia
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Morning Everyone,

Hope everyone is well and staying safe :)

I have recently just got myself a low range gaming machine but didn't get a monitor so am currently using my tv which I don't really want to do as 60" is just silly.

I don't want to pay a whole lots but am looking for any recommendation on a cheap monitor for some gaming.. Yes I'm new to PC gaming (Normally a console guy)


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AGN Admin
Other International
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Welcome to the dark side. What kind of games are you playing and what do you mean by 'low range'?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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What is your graphics card? And how much you willing to spend on the monitor?
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Central Coast, New South Wales
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If you plan to eventually upgrade your PC to more hardcore specs, look at something in the 144hz - 27 inch range. When your PC is buff enough to handle 144fps, the feeling of a 144hz monitor is amazingly sexy. I can't go back to 60hz, because it just feels so clunky and jerky.

You can get some cheaper (AOC), some are more expensive (G-sync monitors fml), have a look in your price range and take your pick.

If you're not going to be chasing FPS, then just get a normal 60hz monitor of whatever size you prefer. Since you're buying for low tier hardware, I'd recommend not going over 1920x1080 resolution as well, since 1440p and higher resolutions need more power to run at the same fps as in 1080p.
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Cairns, Queensland
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If you are at all on the budget end you should just target just 1080p at 60hz refresh imo, and then look at the best size/features you can afford. If you decide that PC is where your heart is once you have a proper setup then a side monitor (even a 60hz one) won't go astray.

As a snarky side benefit you'll also be able to relate directly to Intel benchmarks.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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When I looked for a monitor I just looked for a 144hz monitor in the largest size I could afford at the time.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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I wound up jumping on one of the new Alienware AW2521HF (24.5”) monitors.

Dells advertising for it is pretty average (the ‘HF’ and ‘HFL’ are just black and white respectively to my knowledge but they regularly differ in price by up to $150)

It’s a 240Hz IPS display, only in 1080P but at 24.5” that’s alright for DPI.
It advertises G-Sync functionality, but that’s specifically “G-Sync Compatible”. I searched high and low for what that actually means, and best I can work out, it’ll work with variable refresh rate (via DP).
It has no HDR, no localised dimming/lighting effects (Neither are an issue for my intended use) and doesn’t have the nVidia controller in it.
I haven’t a clue if the VRR will work with HDMI, happy to report back once I can test it.

I was originally hunting for a 24” 16:10 IPS Display with greater than 120Hz refresh rate. In around 10 years of looking, this is as close as I’ve found. (Ooh, it was also 20% off, which sealed the deal)
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