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More Than Power – How AI Will Drive Next-Gen Gaming
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With new graphics hardware on the horizon, it’ll be more than raw power that will drive the next-generation of gaming. We explore the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence and discover how AI-Driven tech like NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 will revolutionise gaming.

When we think of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, we often think of a computer or robot that can hold a conversation or convey some form of cognitive intelligence. Perhaps it’s a giant box sitting next to a few scientists holding clipboards that can beat a famous chess player in a round of, err, chess. Knight-2 to Rook-6 and all that. For those well versed in science-fiction across books, television and cinema – AI is all of that plus the thing that ultimately leads to our downfall as a species — AI so smart it doesn’t need us anymore, but it still needs to travel back in time to address all the Conner-related loose ends.

The real-world field of artificial intelligence research and innovation powered by Deep Learning encompasses all forms of science and technology with broad reaching effects. Innovation that can be found today across medicine, automotive design and the understanding of the current global pandemic. With terms like Deep Learning and Neural Networks the best way to understand the underlying technology is to think of it all exactly in the terms that naming alludes to. AI and Deep Learning are technology driven systems and programs that can absorb information, learn patterns, read any given situation, and then react accordingly – like a human brain.

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