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In teaming up with Gaya Entertainment's Game Legends store, KING Art Games and Deep Silver have revealed a smokestack-tastic Collector's Edition for the forthcoming Iron Havest 1920 +, an RTS based off of dieselpunk artworks from Jakob Rozalski, now credited with creating the 1920 + universe in which the game is set.

We're all over this release and have played enough to tell you to get excited, and beyond the aesthetic, too. There's a serious RTS experience forging its way to you very soon, but for now, here's the official details on what the CE holds, as well as ways in which to get it.
Iron Harvest will be available in several editions including the strictly limited Hot Iron Edition! Both the Collector’s Edition and the Hot Iron Edition feature the Soundtrack for the game written and composed by legendary video game music composer Adam Skorupa and “Music Imaginary” (The Witcher®, Shadow Warrior®).

Game Legends Exclusive Merchandise Items and Hot Iron Edition:
  • Iron Harvest Soundtrack on Vinyl – strictly limited
  • Iron Harvest Shirts for each faction
EXCLUSIVE Iron Harvest 1920+ Hot Iron Edition – strictly limited
  • Iconic -“Pkp 17 Eisenhans” figurine
  • Game Soundtrack on Vinyl written by legendary video game music composer Adam Skorupa and “Music Imaginary” (The Witcher®, Shadow Warrior®)
  • Artbook – Featuring artworks from the creator of the 1920+ Universe, Jakub Rozalski
  • Steelbook
  • Double Sided poster with unique artwork
  • Decorative Iron Harvest Hot Iron (Not for actual use)
Iron Harvest Collector’s Edition:
Earlier this year, King Art and Deep Silver announced the Iron Harvest Collector’s Edition which is now available for pre-order at the Game Legends store as well as other selected retailers.
Iron Harvest 1920 + is due to hit PC September 1. Stay tuned for more on the game in the lead up to release.

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