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In an in-depth interview we had with Watch Dogs Legion senior producer, Sean Crooks, he revealed that the team looked more towards common sense game design around the recruitment aspect of Legion, over an RPG-like system where players would track recruitable NPCs through stats. Instead the goal is to consider the role of the character in the game-world and therefore how that role can best suit the requirements of DedSec.

"We focused a lot more on the fantasy of characters, and people wondering if they found a bus driver, would that bus driver come with a bus?" Sean explains. "And the answer is yes to that. That's what we really wanted to do.

"It's not just gameplay ability. Some of it's passive and active abilities, like you said. But other things are just fun. You wouldn't unlock flatulence in the skill tree. This is just fun fantasy elements that we layer on top of a population of people that just feels real to the player."

We've gone hands-on with the game as well as having an in-depth conversation with Sean, so we'll have more covering both coming soon, but for now, click here for Part One of our interview with Sean Crooks which covers the above and a whole lot more.
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