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Marvel's Avengers are teaming up again later this year, but this time in a brand-new adventure built from the ground up for PC and console. With the a talented folks at Crystal Dynamics (or 2013 Tom Raider reboot fame) at the helm, we recently had the chance to sit down and talk about all things superhero.

Specifically how the skills and abilities work and how that ties into the action-RPG elements of what will be as much a persistant online multiplayer jams as it will a cinematic and story-driven take on an iconic franchise.

A snippet.
Drawing on 80 years of comic book history, this is an action-RPG with thought and care put into everything from the character designs to the environments and the origin story behind a particular cosmetic or look of a piece of gear.

Sitting down with Vince Napoli, Combat Director on the game, we were immediately drawn to the game’s relationship with that style of experience we’ve come to call the ‘looter shooter’. Taking on the role of iconic heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel – one must wonder what the skill trees will look like, and how they’ll work. How these underlying systems will connect to the superheroes we’ll get to control in the impressive looking game.

“The way the skill trees work, we think of it almost like a precursor to the loot system,” Vince Napoli explains. “As you're levelling up these characters and you're unlocking skills and getting all of their core abilities in line and sort of unlocking their full potential, that in of itself, we want it to be a long and massive journey. One where we slowly introduce you to the depth and nuance of each hero.”

Click Here For Our Full Marvel’s Avengers Interview
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